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Longboard Wedding Session

Vedrana and Goran are cute couple from Zagreb, Croatia and they really like longboarding…..especially Goran.

Photography is very important to them and they wanted cool photos for Wedding book so I was really  happy when they accepted my  “longboard wedding session” idea. Luckily we have beautiful nature and roads for longboarding on Medvednica mountain near Zagreb. Beautiful day, nature, happy couple and longboards. You can see all the photos form the wedding session here.

I don’t know if it’s ever done before, but it was so much fun that I could do it every day.

This is short behind the scenes video, hope you like it ! 🙂


Photography : Hrvoje Golubić
Video : Silvio Lončarić
Music : There is little mistype on the credits of the video ( Music is not by Apache Dropout )


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