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MeLong time ago, behind the seven seas, ten mountains, four open fields and lots of other stuff….In a beautiful little country called Croatia, I got my first camera and role of film from my gran-dad. Even though I didn’t know how to use a camera I started “clicking” right away and got only three photos right.

I’d always been into art, one way or another (drawing and painting), but it wasn’t until my late twenties, when I picked up gran-dads camera again to try one more time. Once again, I didn’t know what I was doing but I made more than three normal photos on film  ( one of them was the photo of my shoe, which I made by accident when cleaning my camera). Somehow I knew that photography would  become something I’d like to do. So three years ago I quit my job and started my freelance photo adventure.

My love for photography has evolved over the years, and now it seems to have branched out to the extreme sides of the spectrum. I love documenting stories, travelling and meeting interesting, diverse people around the world, connecting with them and learning about their different perspectives. On the other hand, I love working in photoshop and combining photography with digital painting. The possibilities for being creative are endless….

I’ll let the photos tell you more…