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Engagement sessions is an awesome way for us to get to know each other and it’s a great way for couples to get an additional set of photos before you get married, as well as to get comfortable in front of the camera.

What I don’t like is that so many people get the photos done in a place that has no meaning to them, doing things that mean nothing to them. Like awkwardly posing in a park they’ve barely even been to just because it’s nice, it’s safe and it’s what people are “supposed to do”.

I like to make sessions where the couple and their personalities are in focus…sessions about the things you do together….sessions in places that have meaning to you….

Let’s make something special…




Kristina & Kruno | Wedding Session Croatia

Do you like winter colors, frost and Christmas lights? We decided to make beautiful winter wedding session.

Iva & Zlatko | Wedding Session Croatia

Magic and romantic wedding session in the moonlight. We had so much fun that day because we didn’t have any plan for the session and decided that we will do everything spontaneous.

Ula & Kreso | Wedding Session Croatia

Old castle, beautiful bride in black wedding dress and her prince. Ula and Kreso were moving to New York so they didn’t want classical wedding session.

Heloisa & Robert | Wedding Session Hvar

Summer wedding session on beautiful island Hvar, Croatia. Heloisa is from Brasil and Robert is from Scotland and even though they were born thousands of miles apart, they were destined to be together.

Vedrana & Goran | Longboard Session

Vedrana and Goran are cute couple form Zagreb, Croatia and they really like longboarding, especially Goran. Photography is very important to them and they wanted cool photos for Wedding book so I was really happy that they accepted my “longboard wedding session” idea.

Anita & Branimir | The Switch Wedding Session

Wedding photography and motorbikes, sound strange….right? We decided that it will be weeding session where Nikolina and Branimir will switch their jobs and interests.

Nikolina & Branimir | Wedding Session Opatija

Beautiful day on Adriatic coast and cute couple from Zagreb. We had little time before a wedding to make a short trip to Opatija, because Nikoloina and Branimir wanted few classic wedding photos around ” Maiden with the seagull ” statue.

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Rozalija & David Wedding Session

We spent a gorgeous summer afternoon in Zagreb with Rozalija and David. Upper Town has a special meaning for this Croatian-British couple, so together we explored its hidden corners and romantic sights. The result was a playful story which added fresh colour and cheerfulness to the old Zagreb.

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Matea & Oliver Latte art love session

Ljubavna priča protkana mirisima kave i ručno rađenih sapuna.. Jedan latte art majstor i jedna vrsna poznavateljica sapuna… Iako su radili samo na korak jedno od drugoga, Oliver i Matea svoju su priču započeli sasvim spontano uz šalicu kave nakon radnog dana. Love story scented with coffee and

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Fairy tale session

A beautiful fairytale wedding session in which the love story of Magi and Ivan became a reality..

Canada – Croatia Engagement Session | Alice & Hrvoje

This beautiful young couple proves that there is no boundaries in love. Engagement session that brought together distant Canada and a small Croatia, Toronto and Zagreb …… Alice and Hrvoje.

Croatia Wedding Photographer – Zagreb Wedding Session

This beautiful and happy young couple choose Gornji grad ( old part of Zagreb ) as the location for their wedding session . The special atmosphere and appearance of old buildings in the Gornji Grad were perfect for romantic session.

Croatia – Israel Engagement Session | Gracia & Gal

Gracia and Gal met for the first time in Thailand 4 years back, after a while they renewed their connection in a moment of boredom from both sides. This is the story of their first date in Zagreb where their love story begins….

Fantasy Wedding Session | Tina & Darko

I was so happy when Tina & Darko told me that they would like something special. Thanks to global warming we had beautiful and warm sunny day in November for this cute fantasy wedding session……and cool Iron Maiden shirt. Here is their story….

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Zadar Wedding Session

Sometimes you don’t need much for a wedding session. Lucky for me Zadar is beautiful city on Croatian coast, with lots of locations…but Matea and Ante “stole the show” with their laughter and affection for each other. Here is just their little walk trough beautiful city of

The Last of Us | Wedding session in Croatia

The Last of us.. For two people who steer away from convention like Jelena and Mario, the abandoned building provided the perfect backdrop for a wedding session. This decaying complex, where nature started taking over, looks totally post-apocalyptic and made us feel like we were the last people

Adriana & Sebastian | Swiss Wedding Session in Zagreb

Adriana and Sebastian are beautiful couple from Switzerland. Adriana’s “roots” are from Croatia so they wanted to have wedding session in Zagreb city.  We went to Upper Town ( Gornji Grad ) and walked around this beautiful part of Zagreb. We had so much fun and laughed all the way

Explorers | Engagement session in Croatia

The idea for a “explorers” session came spontaneously, somehow logically, as an introduction to the greatest travel and adventure of life – marriage! A sunny autumn day and a train ticket – enough for another fun exploration adventure!

Scotland Wedding Photographer

We were married near the coast in Stonehaven, Scotland on a lovely sunny day in June and we headed to Croatia for our honeymoon shortly afterward. We decided on Croatia because we had seen some beautiful pictures of the lakes and waterfalls in Plitvice National Park.

Beach Engagement Wedding Session in Croatia

We took a little walk down this beautiful sandy beach near Zadar city and capture these special moments. Beautiful sunny day, sandy beach and a cute couple is all you need.

Japan Wedding Photographer | Akari & Sven

Japan Wedding Photographer | Akari & Sven Akari and Sven are Japanese – Croatian couple. They met in Osaka while Sven was on his scholarship program in Japan for the second time. After scholarship, Sven had to go back to Croatia which was the first obstacle for their relationship. But after 6