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Every wedding story is unique and every photo is moment frozen in time. Just be yourself and let me worry about the photos. I will capture your special moments honestly and discretely.

Let’s tell your story together….




Nikolina & Branimir Wedding | Lovran, Croatia

Although Nikolina and Branimir come form Zagreb, capital of Croatia, they have decided to move their wedding away from the big city to a little town on the Adriatic coast. They were right.

Kristina & Kruno Wedding | Zagreb, Croatia

It was bright and sunny day, even if it was late December and just few days before New Year. It’s really easy to document the wedding when you have such kind and honest people like Kristina and Kruno.

Iva & Zlatko Wedding | Zagreb, Croatia

Iva and Zlatko are my friends so I knew right away that their wedding is going to be special. It was a beautiful day and I was really honored that they chose me to document their wedding story.

Heloisa & Robert Wedding | Hvar, Croatia

Small weddings are my favorite and this one was really special. Hvar is a perfect place for a dream wedding. Heloisa and Robert were so friendly and kind to us that we wanted to stay there for few more days.

Anita & Branimir Wedding | Zagreb, Croatia

It was cold winter day, but that didn’t stop Anita and Branimir to have perfect wedding day. They are really blessed to have such a big and happy family around them, full of love and positive energy. We all had so much fun that day…thank

Vedrana & Goran Wedding | Zagreb, Croatia

There is something special in small weddings. Vedrana and Goran decided to have small wedding with only close family and friends….and it was perfect. It was cloudy day but right after the ceremony sun came out in perfect time for little

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Marina & Igor , Zagorje

I really love photographing small weddings. Marina and Igor were kind and invited me to document their wedding day. It is really easy when you have such honest, simple and happy people.

Zagreb Wedding Photographer | Rozalija & David

The wedding of Rozalija and David which brought together ten countries and three continents, two flags and two languages. The romantic story in the Mimara palace soon turned into an explosion of dance and delight which charmed us completely.

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Matea & Oliver, Zagreb

Matea and Oliver started their story while sharing a cup of coffee…fell in love while sharing the same passions..and crowned their love while sharing oaths on a beautiful autumn afternoon in company of their friends and families.

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Andrea & Matko, Zagreb

Beautiful couple whose love story began in a small town near Šibenik. The Wedding that brought together two different parts of Croatia, different traditions and people.

Wedding Photographer Croatia | Megi & Ivan

The Wedding of Margareta and Ivan brought together people from different parts of Europe, three generations …. even pets Floki and Frida .

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Ana & Neven, Zagreb

Ana & Neven are couple from Zagreb who were connected by same taste in music. They met on a beautiful autumn day in Varaždin, where they went to Špancir festival.

Croatia Wedding photographer – Trajbar, Zagreb

Sometimes everything falls into place .Wedding couple in love …. sunny day …happy and smiling people ….beautiful sunset and locations in Trajbar ….. perfect scenario for every wedding photographer.

Israel Wedding Photographer | Gracia & Gal

After beautiful and funny engagement session at Zeleni Vir, where we had so much fun, I could not wait to photograph this amazing couple and their beautiful wedding. Eco Park Krašograd was the ideal location for this beautiful Croatia –

Šibenik Wedding Photographer | Isabella & Marin

This beautiful Croatian-German wedding brought together friends and families from twelve different countries. Breathtaking Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik and unique locations in D-Resort were perfect place for their story.

Zadar Wedding Photographer | Maja & Goran

Goran i Maja decided to go against the odds and threw untraditional Dalmatian wedding in vintage glam style. A beetle oldtimer car, romantic wedding gown, pearls and lace, vintage cameras and polaroid pictures were the main props ….

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Mateja & Marko

Mateja and Marko, with their joy, energy and smile, but also with simplicity, have shown how much fun can wedding day be, not just for the guests, but also for the man behind the camera. This is the story of their perfect day ….

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Anamarija & Danijel

Photographing this small autumn wedding was something really special…but Anamarija describe it perfectly. Not all relationships are boring and romantic. Relationships can be very dynamic, spontaneous, full of silly and funny moments.

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Tina & Darko

You know that the wedding is going to be awesome when the bride plays “Nothing else matters ” on acoustic guitar…When you have beautiful and funny people like Tina & Darko everything is easy.

Zagreb Croatia Wedding Photographer | Marijana & Kenneth

Nobody believed that their love has a chance to survive and last… … They were divided by the oceans and continents … A few years later, they are here, in the same place, on the day of their wedding.

Zagreb Croatia Wedding Photographer | Sanja & Filip

Sanja and Filip decided to begin their marriage as they begun their relationship, in a rock ‘n roll atmosphere with people they love. I love rock music so I was really looking forward capturing photos and moments on this beautiful wedding.

Zagreb Croatia Wedding Photographer | Milica & Luka

Step by step, their story stared with the phone number written on the Wimbledon ticket…proposal by the wooden bench in Botanical Garden….all the way to unique trees they made for the quests at their wedding.

Zadar Croatia Wedding Photographer | Matea & Ante

Sometimes you need to pause every 20 min on a wedding day and take it all in, then you can treasure the feelings and memories. Small weddings like this are perfect for that. Sunny day….blue sea…friends and family…perfect day.

Croatia Wedding Photographer | Anja & Filip Cool Wedding

Although video rentals are a thing of the past, this couple will never forget the one where they met in nine years ago, and where, unexpectedly, their story begins.

Zagreb Croatia Wedding Photographer | Ines & Goran

A small summer wedding in Zagreb, Croatia. A hot day, lots of laughter, an occasional cat in the picture and numerous cute and funny moments.

Switzerland Wedding Photographer | Adriana & Sebastian, Split

Beautiful Switzerland Wedding in Split, Croatia.

Pulp Fiction Wedding Croatia | Valentina & Ivo

Želje: opušteno, veselo i drugačije vjenčanje na živopisnoj lokaciji s ponekim iznenađenjem za goste i temom „putovanje“. Glavno pravilo: bez robovanja tradiciji i bez uobičajenih svadbenih protokola. Rezultat: „potpis“ nestašne mačketine na kravati

Canada and Croatia Wedding Photographer | Alice & Hrvoje

This beautiful young couple proves that there are no boundaries in love. The distance of thousands of miles between Canada and Croatia were only numbers for them and the time difference meant nothing. Alice and Hrvoje met on a fateful spring night,

Zagreb Croatia Wedding Photographer | Martina & Damir

You know that you are photographing a perfect wedding when musicians are playing “Rise” by Eddie Vedder from Into the wild movie.

Deutschland Hochzeitsfotograf in Kroatien

Deutschland Hochzeitsfotograf in Kroatien , Zadar   Deutschland Hochzeitsfotograf in Kroatien…Julijana und Tomislav haben sich vor 3 Jahren in Deutschland kennengelernt. Schon nach den ersten 10 Minuten ihres ersten Dates war beiden klar,

Karlovac Croatia Wedding Photographer | Ivana & Boris

Karlovac Croatia Wedding Photographer   Adorable couple and their beautiful wedding in Karlovac.